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Quality Essay Help

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The Best Support Service

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Affordable Writing Service

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Academic Significance of Dissertations:

Dissertation and Thesis are some of the most commonly used terms in academia, and these are the papers that mark the end of most degrees. In some countries, both of these things mean the same thing and it’s submitted at the end of a PhD degree, but in other countries, these two are used differently.

The term Dissertation is a type of research project that is submitted at the end of a postgraduate or graduate degree. For dissertations, students choose a topic (themselves) but they need to take approval of the chosen topic from their professor by submitting a proposal known as Dissertation Proposal.

In the end, students submit their findings in response to the proposition or question they’ve chosen. The purpose of this project is to test the research skills and knowledge of a student in his chosen field of interest and grade them accordingly.

For a dissertation, the guidance from your tutors or professors is slim-to-none, and that’s the reason why it’s the most difficult assignment ever in a degree for most students. You have to make the library your second home because you will spend a lot of time in the library while writing a dissertation.

Dissertations will take months to complete, and that’s the reason why a lot of students find it hard to write. They have to do the research, then put the research into suitable and presentable words. But as hard as writing a dissertation is, it’s very rewarding in the end and you can’t deny its importance because your grades are depending on it.

So, choose a topic of your interest but what if you don’t know how to write a dissertation professionally? Writing a dissertation is a complex task. In this situation you can get dissertation help online by searching for credible dissertation writing companies.

However, if you are new and you haven't acquired any dissertation assistance before, then this can be tricky for you. You can get in trouble by dealing with scammers or frauds (which we will discuss later) because the writing industry used to be professional, but its not anymore unfortunately. That’s where EssayPandas comes in picture.

What is EssayPandas?

EssayPandas offers cheap dissertation writing services for students. The purpose of EssayPandas is to make students the best in a particular subject and help them be successful. We (at EssayPandas) provide the clients with quality writing and rather than focusing on quantity, our major focus is the quality of content.

Just like students, we also want to make our mark in the writing market by helping students write their assignments. Yes! We do not only serve in dissertation writing but we also help the students in their other academic tasks such as Essay Writing, Finding the Solutions of Case Studies, Project Report Writing, Preparation of Exams, Research Paper Writing, etc.

Even if a student wants to make his writing attractive he can acquire our professional assistance in a half done assignment because we often hear the saying “FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION”. So, don't compromise on anything when your career is on stake.

EssayPandas has experienced writers that hold PhD degrees so whether you want writing material for a Master’s Degree, Graduation Degree, or PhD degree, EssayPandas has got your back.

Scammers Trick to Waste Your Time and Money:

As a naïve user, when you are looking for dissertation guides on the internet, you will get confused because there is a ton of information on the internet and each website describes it differently but with the end purpose of you writing a successful dissertation.

So, while you are surfing the internet but can’t find the best suitable dissertation writing guide, then you change your query, and instead of looking for a guide, you start looking for online dissertation writers. And that’s where Scammers or Fraudsters can attack you.

What they do is, use catchy phrases and fewer prices (discounts) to gather more and more customers. They intend to get more and more orders, so they can generate a good enough income for themselves. They don’t care about the quality of the content because for them, THE MORE CUSTOMERS, THE BETTER IT IS.

They’ll behave differently when you are looking for writers, and they will have different behavior when they have submitted your required task. So, they won’t listen to your queries once they have submitted the work. And what you are left with a garbage piece of content and your wasted time.

Often people mistake professional companies as scammers and they miss a great deal due to scammers. So, what can a beginner do in this situation?

How Can You Choose the Best Dissertation Writing Service UK?

There’s no general principle to help you avoid fraudsters and scammers, but you can use a series of precautionary measures while looking to order for dissertation help or any other writing help online.

  • When looking for dissertation essay writing services, if a website asks you to create an account straight away instead of letting you view the content of the website. Then don’t create the account because your credentials are PERSONAL. And unless you’ve gained trust on some platform, don’t do it.
  • Look for the websites using HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP protocol because it’s safer. Now, this may be a common thing for Web Nerds, but for a naïve user, he/she may not know that.
  • Don’t use social media platforms to hire someone because it’s the easiest way to trap beginners. But if you know a person already doing good on social media or someone suggested you a writer because he has used his services previously then, there’s no issue.
  • While selecting the dissertation writing service, one must read the privacy policy of a website.
  • Talk to the customer service of the website and present them with your queries to see how they behave.
  • Lastly, must read the reviews about a particular company or ask the questions about your picked company on online forums such as Reddit or Quora.

These measures will decrease the chances of you getting scammed.

EssayPandas Services:

When the scammers and fraudsters are staining the writing industry, EssayPandas is one of the few online services that has kept assisting its users. And thanks to the users for trusting us in these clever times. But what makes users trust us? For this, know more about us first.

Mentors in Shape of Writers: At EssayPandas, we have the best writers that are qualified enough to write the best possible content for the customers. The writers we hire are PhD or Master’s degree qualified. EssayPandas will assign the writers that are relevant to your subject of interest, so eliminating every possible chance of a complaint.

These writers are not just writers, these are the mentors that will guide you for the preparations for exams. When we say Mentors, we mean it because the writers deal with clients ethically and professionally.

These writers are a result of our testing and training that we put them into before hiring. Starting from testing the writing skills to punctuality and discipline checking. And then, moving onto training the writers for better communication.

Plagiarism Free Content: Either you want content from the scratch or you want us to continue your half (some) written content, we have got your back in any scenario. And the content that will be provided to you will be 100% unique since there is no chance of plagiarism.

As plagiarism is one of the great crimes in content writing, so EssayPandas put the writers through tough test sessions, and in the end, they are capable enough to produce their own content rather than copying from somewhere else.

Fulfil the Needs of Customers in Various Scenarios: Brilliant Students don’t need anybody’s help to submit their assignments, but what about those who are attending their classes in the morning and doing some part-time jobs to support their financial needs. They often feel left behind as compared to their classmates. So, for their sake, EssayPandas provides various writing services in various areas.

From Essay Writing to Case Study Solutions, Report Writing to Research Paper Writing, Dissertation Proposals to Dissertations Order, Term Papers Preparation to Final Exams Preparation, Coursework to Assignment assistance, Solutions of questions to attractive PowerPoint presentations, EssayPandas serves every writing needs.

Keep in Touch with the Writers: Once the EssayPandas has assigned the relevant writer to you, you can stay in touch with that writer by using the account you’ve created, when you first decided to use our service. We do this to avoid the communication gap between the client and the writer.

That way, if a client has any helping material that he/she wants to share with the writer, they can instantly do that by using the chat feature of EssayPandas. And if a writer has some query related to your work, he/she can ask that as well in the same chat.

Whatever the communication has taken place between a client and a writer, or whatever the data has been shared between both entities, will remain private since we use SSL and other encryption techniques to protect the user’s credentials.

Beneficial Revision Policy: EssayPandas offers three free revisions in 30 days, so, if you think that the writer isn’t followed your instructions or there’s some grammatical/spelling error or there’s some irrelevant information in the content, then you can submit your request for content revision and we’ll give your improved content back as soon as possible.

If you are thinking of complaining about the content quality, then you should know that before the writer sends you your final document, it has been already tested and passed from our quality assurance team.

Urgent Orders: If you want to place an urgent order, then there are a few prerequisites for that:

You should place an order at least 12 hours before the deadline.

You should provide all the helping materials (if any) while placing the order. Because if you do not provide all the directives, then the writer might take some extra time to complete your content and that will not be considered as a fault of the writer.

The length of your required content should be short (short enough that it can be completed within twelve hours).

If you follow these instructions, before placing an order, then the writer will submit your required piece of writing before the deadline, so you can send it further.

Rewards: Every time you’ll use our services, we will reward you. Like when you first create an account on our website, we will provide you with a $5 bonus. You can use that bonus as a discount on the next order, you’ll make.

Once you’ll get your unique and unplagiarized content, you will be rewarded with great scores (and grades) by your professor (for sure). So, by using our services, you are getting dual rewards. 

Content Submission Before Deadlines: At EssayPandas, we not only train the writer on the content basis before hiring them, but we will also train them on the scales of disciplines and punctuality. We take these measures to make our writers capable enough so they can submit their final content before time.

At EssayPandas, we ask our writers to follow the phrase that says “EARLY IS ON TIME, AND ON TIME IS LATE”.

Great Customer Support: What makes a writing company great is not its writers but great support staff. No doubt, that writers are the main assets of a writing company, but if your company isn’t backed by great support staff, then you won’t get any clients.

So, before hiring someone in our customer support, we test them on communicational skills and basis and we keep conveying communicational skills’ tips to our customer support so that you will get a professional and efficient response for your queries.

Security: The policy of EssayPandas prohibits us from sharing data to servers. Not only that, but the data you provide at the time of creating an account isn’t shared with anyone. 

Not even the writers can access your personal information such as your name, institution name, from which area you belong, and other credentials. He/She (the writer) only have access to the instruction section of the order.

How EssayPandas Stands Out Over its Competitors:

Still, if you are wondering that these features can’t make any company exceptionally special then, we’ll share some further details of EssayPandas.

Easy Order Placing:

Rather than stressing out the already stressed students by offering them a complex registration and order placing system, it will only take a few minutes to place an order with EssayPandas. EssayPanda will carry out your order in three-steps.

While placing a dissertation order, provide all the related material to the writer and provide only valid information when creating an account.

EssayPandas has different payment modes, so you can select the mode of payment of your choice, and once you’ve paid the payment, our team will start working on your task.

Once our team has delivered you the final document, you can download the document by using the link provided in the email or you can use the portal to download the file.

Effective Hiring Process:

One of the things that make us stand out is our hiring system. Whether it’s a seller or the writer, both have to pass through a series of steps for starting working with us. There are proper qualification metrics that we use to test someone’s qualification.

Similarly, there is proper testing in the shape of short assignments that a writer must pass for working with us. Not only that, but we also check writers on a punctuality and discipline basis, so they can deliver the content on time. If someone is unable to pass the tests, then he/she will be dismissed.

It’s everybody’s right to research before start working with them, and if you have still any doubts, then you can check how satisfied our customers are.

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