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Hire us for custom dissertation writing services!

Have you ever dreamed of living a life of the students of movies? They always enjoy their life and play with their friends. Sadly, that life can only be lived in the movies. In real life, you have to take care of your assignments and presentations on your own. A Master's level student has to deal with the pressure of the dissertation in order to pass the degree. The degree of graduate students and post-graduate students depends entirely on the quality of their dissertation. We can't provide you the life which students enjoy in the movies, but we can help you by sharing your burden. We are a custom-writing website, and we have been in this custom-writing industry for more than one and a half decades. You can hire us for your writing tasks, and we will happily assist you at a reasonable and affordable price.

A dissertation writing is definitely the most difficult form of writing in this world. There are so many technicalities and complexities involve in dissertation writing, which is why we suggest students not do it on their own. If you try to do it on your own, you may miss the deadline (because it requires a lot of time), or you may damage your health. On the other hand, if you hire us for dissertation writing services, you don't have to take the stress of this task and we will make sure to send you the final version of the dissertation on or even before your mentioned deadline. Due to the complexity of these tasks, we have hired some writers only to write dissertations for our clients. We have expert tutors of all the fields, so you can place your order with any topic of the world.

How difficult can it be for a student to write a dissertation?

A dissertation is not like writing an ordinary essay or making an ordinary presentation, and it is an assignment that requires a lot of time and commitment to handle it. Even if you are willing to spend your time and effort, you may end up on the losing side because of the level of difficulty it has. When you are in your student life, you are supposed to make assignments, give exams, and with that, you also have to take care of sudden viva. A single student having lots of tasks to be done can't focus on a dissertation. Moreover, you should not take the risk with your graduation or post-graduation. No matter how good you are at studies, if you fail to write a dissertation according to the requirements of your institute, you may end up losing your degree. A dissertation has to be free of plagiarism or may be allowed to have a certain percentage of plagiarism. A student with no experience of writing cannot control the percentage of plagiarism. These are some of the reasons we are here to help you with dissertation writing services. Whether you want us to write your entire dissertation, or you want us to write certain chapters of a dissertation, we can assist you accordingly.

All you need to know about chapters of a dissertation!

A perfect dissertation must have 10-12 chapters. It is the decision of an institute that how many chapters they want their students to write. To start writing your dissertation, you are required to conduct the research in a flawless fashion. Even if you know all the nitty-gritty of your topic, you will face a lot of difficulties and uncertainties during the dissertation writing. If you have no idea how to start your dissertation or you are looking for a fitting topic for your dissertation, you can place your order at Essaypandas. Either you want us to write the introduction, the summary, review of the literature, findings, or entire dissertation, and we will happily do that for you. All of our writers have experience of at least over five years. We only allow the writer to have more than five years of experience as a dissertation writer to start working on the dissertation of our customers. Here are some of the important chapters of a dissertation:

Title page

Before you start writing your dissertation, you need to take care of your title page. Your title page is the first thing your professor will look forward to. It has to be error-free to attract your audience. In our dissertation writing services, we will make sure to provide you with a title page that can increase the overall impact of your dissertation.


Writing a preface for a dissertation is as necessary as anything else. If you want us to write a preface for your dissertation, state it properly in your instruction section. There are lots of types of preface, which is why you are supposed to let us know what kind of preface you are looking for. If you have some instructions and guidelines available from your institute, make sure to write it all in the instructions of your order.


Most of the students take this step of a dissertation for granted, but it is one of the fundamental most parts of a dissertation. No one can write an entire thesis separately. Those who have helped you in writing your dissertation and conducting your research must be acknowledged in your acknowledgment section. Students often confuse themselves between preface and acknowledgment. Preface can be used if you are looking to write the names of only very few individuals. On the other hand, if you want to appreciate lots of people in your dissertation, acknowledgment is the best one for your dissertation.


This is the chapter of a dissertation you should write with great care. Most of the people don't have time to read your complete dissertation, and they try to get an idea about your research by reading your abstract chapter. When you are writing abstract for your dissertation, make sure to let the audience know why this topic is necessary to study and what is the significance of your research. Only the particular pieces of information have to be there in your abstract to avoid making it boring and lengthy. Nobody likes reading a lengthy abstract. You need to explain your topic entirely in your abstract, along with the explanation of your problem.

Table of contents

Consider the table of contents as the roadmap for your dissertation. A thesis or a dissertation is a lengthy form of assignment, which is why the table of contents has to be in your dissertation. Your table of contents will give your audience information about where certain pieces of information are available in your thesis. The table of contents is like a navigator of your thesis. In order to make your dissertation easy to read, include a table of content at the start of your dissertation. Usually, a dissertation is considered as a boring task, and a table of contents can give your audience much-needed ease.


In order to increase the overall originality and authenticity of your dissertation, make sure to pay close attention to glossary. Writing the glossary section can increase the interest of your audience in your dissertation. If your topic is complex and there are some terminologies which need explanation, define each such term. Explaining and defining the terms in alphabetical order is suggested. In case your topic has some abbreviations, you are also supposed to define those abbreviations. You are the author of your dissertation, and your audience will expect you to answer all the questions. You can write this section on your own, or let us write the glossary chapter for your dissertation. If you want us to write the glossary section, write in the instructions section, and we will give our 100% to deliver you with an amazing dissertation.


After the completion of the preparatory stages, the first thing you need to write is your introduction chapter. It is not compulsory to write this chapter first. Most of the students find writing an introduction at the very last, and if you too want to write your thesis first and then start writing an introduction, there is no problem. This technique can be useful for those who want to get more information about their topic during their dissertation writing. You are expected to define your topic is the best possible form. It is recommended to read the introductions of some other dissertations of your topic to get an idea of what sort of introduction and what pieces of information are required for your dissertation. Your instruction can be your make or break point for your dissertation, because if you fail to catch the attention of your audience from your introduction, they will never return back to your thesis. Introduction writing is not a straightforward task, so you can hire us to get your custom dissertation introduction at a very affordable price.

Review of literature

This is undoubtedly the most difficult section of any dissertation. Here, you will be required to write about the work of scientists which have been done in the past on your topic. At the start of any dissertation, the author has to make a hypothesis. In a review of the literature, the author is supposed to prove the hypothesis on the basis of previous work. Make sure to add only relevant and paramount pieces of information because it is the technique most chapter of a dissertation, and any unnecessary data can decrease the quality of your thesis. You should not take the risk of writing your dissertation's review of the literature on your own because it is not child's play. We have hired some professional writers, particularly for dissertation writing, and they can write your review of the literature comprehensively.


This is the chapter of your dissertation where you need to prove whether the results are significant or not. A dissertation with significant results is always preferred over the dissertation having non-significant results. Remember one thing, no matter your results are significant or not, you are obliged to write all the results of your research in your findings chapter. Essaypandas have writers who can write the findings section by following all of your instructions.


During a dissertation, you get lots of information, but not all the pieces of information have to be there in your dissertation. Only the results which are related to your thesis statement can be written in your dissertation summary chapter. Most of the students want their dissertation to be published in a journal to get a scholarship. Those students are advised to write significant results in their summary section to tell the world their dissertations are original and necessary for the world. Consider your summary, an extended version of your research, and this is the reason it is of great importance. Most of the professors read a summary of the dissertation to get an idea about the quality of a dissertation. Essaypandas will make sure to deliver you with a dissertation summary that can make your dissertation stand-out.

Reference list

This is the most ignored section of a dissertation and one of the biggest most reasons for the failure of a dissertation. Make sure to use a reference style that is acceptable in your institute. There are lots of reference formats available in the world like APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, or OSCOLA. You can use any one of them by asking your supervisor or higher authorities of your institute. Writing a reference without any mistake can be very hectic because you need to take care of comma, full stop, colon, semi-colon, and other such things at once. Only an expert with a reasonable amount of experience can write references for a dissertation flawlessly. In order to get your custom error-free dissertation references, you can hire Essaypandas.


Not every piece of information has to be there in your dissertation. There are some shreds of information that are necessary for you to understand to write your dissertation perfectly. That information may not be crucial enough to be in your dissertation. For such data, it is suggested to have an appendices section. The data which can help you in writing your dissertation must be there in your appendices. Moreover, this will give your audience the message that you have worked hard, and your dissertation is far better than an ordinary thesis or dissertation.

How to purchase affordable dissertation writing services?

Are you ready to place your order? If yes, there is something you need to know before start pacing your order. All you need to do is follow the below written steps, and you will be able to hire us at a very reasonable price. Here are the steps to follow:

Submit your order form

Click the "Order" button to initiate your order process. After clicking the button, you will be redirected to a page where you need to fill our order form. Make sure to give us your personal information and your email address. Along with the personal information and email address, you need to let us know with the essential details like the topic of your dissertation, the chapters you want us to write, the number of pages, the deadline, and the reference format. In order to decrease the price of your order, increase your deadline.

Make your payment

Once you place your order, you need to make a payment to initiate your order process. The payment process is very smooth. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Credit card, and Debit card. You just need to make your payment, and we'll start looking for a fitting writer for your dissertation. All of your credit card details will not be saved because our website is SSL encrypted.

Selection of suitable writer

After your payment, a fitting writer will be assigned to write your dissertation. The writer will read all of your requirements and instructions to meet your expectations. Never take this step for granted and lightly because the quality of your dissertation will depend on your instructions.

Get your downloadable order

We meet the deadlines at will. When your deadline arrives, make sure to check your email. On the deadline, an email will be sent to your email address from where you can download your document.

If you think there are chances of improvement, and we'll be more than happy to give you three free revisions within 30 days of order delivery. We care a lot about our customers, and their satisfaction is what we are looking for.

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