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All You Need to Know Before Placing Your Order

Follow three simple steps to place your order, and get rid of anu further sleepless nights

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How EssayPandas work?

1. Fill up your details

When you have landed on the order page, a form will be displayed; you will need to fill it with authentic details. If you do not provide us with exact requirements, then it will be difficult for us to understand your needs, so it is advised to recheck all the entered details and fix errors if found. Once you have filled all the required fields, you can move to step 2!

Tips And Tricks

- Add detailed notes in the instruction section to help the verification team assign a suitable writer for the job.
- The more sources of information you add, the more convenient it will be for our writer to complete your task efficiently.  
- For lengthy paper, it will be a good idea to add extra time to your specified estimated deadline, it will not only be opportune for our writers but will also reduce the overall cost.

Fill up your details
 Pay With Your Ease

2. Pay With Your Ease

In this step, you will be paying the fee, which was evaluated by our system on the order page after going through your requirements. The specified amount is free from all extra or hidden charges; the perks we provide along with the orders are free of cost. Still, if you are processing an international transaction, then your tax authority can add more to your charges, which entirely depends on the value of the order.

It is imperative to confirm it from your bank before uploading the fee if you need to. We offer several options to upload payment; you can use MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, or PayPal, select the one you find most convenient.

Tips And Tricks

- If you think the calculated price of the order exceeds your budget then you can reduce it by decreasing the number of words, or increasing the deadline, these two have a significant impact on the displayed price.
- To get accurate information on how much amount will be deducted from your current balance, it will be a good idea to talk to your payment providers.
- In case of urgent orders, consult with our customer service agents to guide you on how we will deal with your request, and what we can do for you.

3. Track Your Work

Once you have completed the order process, an account will be created for you, which will be associated with the email address you have provided. When we have assigned a writer to your job, you will be notified, and you can log in to your account on our website using the credentials you provided. From here, you will have two options to track your order, one is, you can stay in contact with the writer to keep yourself updated about the progress, or second is, you can contact our customer support to keep you posted.

Tips And Tricks

- Enable desktop notifications if you don’t find them bothering, we’ll keep you informed about the updates regarding our policies and your order.
- After logging in to your account, you will be presented with several options. You can learn about your order history, payment records, remaining balance, loyalty points, referral earnings, and much more. You can use the money earned from the loyalty program to reduce the cost of your next order.
- You can upload/share files with the writer in the communication room, accessible from the dashboard of your account. This is where you will be able to chat in the shape of comments.

Track Your Work
Get Your Product

4. Get Your Product

When we have completed your order, checked the requirements and verified the authenticity of the text, we will mail you a link to download the file, so it is essential to keep your notifications for email service providers enabled. Also, you will be able to download the document from our website portal, after you have logged in, you can access the file download section from your dashboard.

Tips And Tricks

- When you receive the file, go through it thoroughly and check whether the writer has followed all your guidelines or not. In case you find errors, you can submit the document for a free revision in thirty days after the delivery.
- Each time you place an order to complete an assignment, a small proportion of the uploaded amount will be added to your balance, which you can use to reduce the cost on your next request. Read more about the loyalty program in terms & conditions.
- If your order amount exceeds five hundred dollars, you will be eligible to pay the fee in parts, and if you have bulk order then it is best to chat with our support representative right away.

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