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Privacy Policy


This document, deemed as the Privacy Policy, provides details of all the segments necessary to protect the privacy of both old and new users of this website. These policies are created on behalf of the website "" As a reputable academic writing service, we have always placed the highest priority on preserving and upholding every user's right to privacy and confidentiality. This document will go into detail about all the steps we take to protect the privacy of our customers and all possible prospects.

Message for All Concerned Parties

Anyone who willingly visits our website and chooses to use one of our academic writing services should be aware that we may gather some personal information in order to get in touch with and conduct business with our customers. In some rare situations, additional information may also be gathered in an effort to improve the user experience or to tackle cases when a customer starts a dispute with the company over an order/contract.

Personal Information/Data That We Collect

Essay Pandas, unlike other academic writing websites, doesn't collect any irrelevant data from customers. The data we collect from all customers is related to the order they place.

We require basic information related to the project, which helps us complete the order. At the time of order placement, customers have to state important information like the deadline, required word count, referencing style, number of pages, etc. In addition to this, we also require the personal information of the customer for smooth communication. Personal information that we need to initiate an order includes:

  • Full Name

  • IP Address

  • Email Address

  • Contact Number

In rare situations, we might feel the need to gather additional information, such as when a user/customer has filed a complaint against the business. With the best of intentions, we save consumer information that we gather on our private servers. Data collection and retention are primarily used to engage with users, improve their experience, and send them information like details about new deals, discounts, services, or other information with the intention of marketing.

How Do We Protect the Personal Information of Customers?

  • First, only collects information that helps us complete the order on time. We don't collect any information or personal data which has nothing to do with the order.

  • We make sure to employ the most cutting-edge security firewalls together with the most recent cyber security measures in order to thoroughly safeguard and protect the information we collect.

  • We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which is the latest technology being used for protecting data and blocking access from irrelevant parties when consumers share or transmit data or information with us. Everything that can be accessed is protected via advanced security protocols.

  • Nobody, not even our staff members or the writer themselves, have direct access to your information which is stored in our database. Your personal information cannot be accessed by any other third party, whosoever.

  • As a reputable academic writing website, we never trade, sell, or otherwise transfer your data to gain any personal or commercial financial gains.

What Kind of Financial Information Do We Collect?

As we have explained earlier, all of our services are paid for, and all transactions are carried out online using secure payment gateways and well-reputed financial platforms. We never collect any of your financial information because all financial transactions take place in real-time through the most reputed third party payment gateways and banking channels.

Both the customer and the bank directly connect with each other to process the payment. Since we don't directly execute or handle financial transactions, we have nothing to do with any financial information about the customer, and so we don't collect or store financial information.

How Do We Protect Financial Information/Data? doesn't collect any financial information because all financial transactions are made through electronic channels which are out of our access. We neither acquire nor access credit or debit card numbers at any stage of the entire transaction. In addition to this, the company doesn't have direct access to or knowledge about credit funds in the personal web account of the user. The details of the web account of every user are only accessible to the concerned parties.

Information We Collect Regarding the Order

To place an order for a writing service, customers have to provide certain information which is important for our writers to initiate and complete the order:

  1. Word Count

  2. Number of Pages

  3. Subject

  4. Topic

  5. Preferred Referencing Style

  6. Preferred Formatting Style

  7. Helping Material (if any)

  8. Special Instructions

  9. Deadline

Along with all this, any other information which is mandatory to complete the order needs to be provided to the concerned writer.

How Exclusive Rights to Use Our Papers Are Protected with the Order Specifics?

  • Every paper created by our writers/subject experts is customized according to the unique instructions and the demands of a customer. Papers written by our writers are only functional for the customer who has ordered and paid for them. This is mainly because the paper has been written while keeping in mind the customized requirements of the client and so the rights to the paper are transferred to the customer at the time of delivery.

  • Once the paper has been completed by our team, it is delivered to the customer who has paid for it before the given deadline. The customer receives the paper with exclusive rights to use it personally while keeping in mind professional work ethics. The papers written and delivered must not be used for any commercial gains or with an intention to cheat or breach modern academic laws.

  • After delivering the paper to the concerned party, ensures that all relevant order data and the sample solution are not used anywhere else. Moreover, the site deletes all data and the sample solution once the revision policy timeframe (30 Days) expires.

What Kind of Legal Protection Do We Have to Gather and Store Data?

Unlike other writing services operating across the globe, our company has all the legal grounds and justifications for collecting and retaining consumer information or data. First and foremost, it is the customer's consent that enables us to do this since when you visit our website on your own volition and choose to use any of our services without any prodding, this implies that you give us permission to collect and keep necessary information on our servers. All data collected from the customer is with the best intention to serve the customers themselves.

In addition to this, our company is legally bound to collect and store relevant information from people who we engage in business with. The law of the land dictates that collecting data is important as it helps the company keep records of every transaction and business activity that is in practice on a daily/monthly/annual basis. is obligated to collect data to maintain clear business records, which can, later on, assist us in taxation and audits.

All customers and possible prospects are informed about the rules and policies related to the collection/retention of data before engaging in business. Anyone who disagrees with some or all of our policies has the right to quit our website and not order any of our services. A person who doesn't consents to data provision would not be facilitated with any of our services.

Customer's Right to Access and Remove Collected Data

As a customer of Essay Pandas, you have every legal right to get free access to your information. Customers can review their information, and to the best of their knowledge, they can also change information if it was not recorded accurately in the first place. In addition to this, a customer also has the right to ask for the deletion of data that we have collected or stored on our private servers.

In a situation where the customer asks for data deletion after the placement of the order, he/she would have to wait until the paper is completed and delivered. In the case the customer asks for immediate deletion of data, progress on order would halt, the order fee would be confiscated, and no further services would be rendered to the customer.

Customers, however, can ask for the removal of their personal and other relevant information after the completion of their ordered projects. Note that once data has been deleted from our servers, customers would have to provide all information again all over before they place a new order/service. This is because to legally execute every order, data collection and storage are required.

EssayPandas' Right to Amend the Privacy Policy Document is a private academic writing company/service. Our company alone has the exclusive rights to modify our privacy policy in whole or in part. If the company decides and agrees to change any or all of its policy statements, it will do so without giving anyone prior notice to any customer or possible prospect. The current draft can also be updated with new policies.

Appropriate channels would be used to notify all parties affected—including clients, customers, and employees—of any changes made in the privacy policy document. Any modifications made to the policies would commonly be informed via the official/registered email address of customers. Additionally, the website may draw attention to any changes in the policy via a banner on the website's home page or any other page we deem relevant.

Consultation/Customer Support for Information

Here on this page, we have carefully defined and mentioned the privacy policy of! Despite stating all the policies in detail, there might be some segments where our customers or clients might not be satisfied with the explanations we have given. In a situation like this, customers can get in touch with our customer support team and ask whatever they want. Our customer support team is available for your assistance 24/7 and will respond to all queries related to or not related to the privacy policy document!

Refund Policy

In some cases, we give our customers a money-back guarantee. To submit a formal refund request via a registered email address, you must meet the requirements that decide whether your claim is legitimate or not. If your refund request is valid, you must also meet the criterion that helps specify how much of the total will be returned. This policy document will go over each of these requirements for ascertaining the eligibility of a refund request or any kind of money-back guarantee.

No Refund Cases

Here are the situations in which customers are not entitled to ask for a refund:

Meager Delays

Essay Pandas is no doubt a well-reputed yet human-based company. So every customer should understand that human efforts are never immune to uncertain situations. The company puts in all efforts to complete and submit sample solutions before the given deadline. However, in case of unforeseeable events, minor delays in delivery can happen. Our writers follow an estimated deadline pattern, but in case of small delays in delivery, the company would not be liable to give any refund to the customer.

Grade Improvement

The primary goal of is to give customers high-quality, original sample solutions. If a customer claims they received poor grades on their assignments or papers, we won’t consider their request for a refund. We never guarantee grades to customers; instead, we offer to deliver the best possible answers. Moreover, we don’t recommend or allow our papers to be used as your original submissions.

Unassigned Preferred Writer

Even though we take into account your preferences for working with a certain writer, somehow, the decision to assign the writer is ultimately up to the company and no one else. There won’t be any consideration given to a refund request in this case if the company is unable to get your selected writer on board for a specific subject. The company would arrange the most qualified writer for the job!

Quality-Related Issues

The concept of quality is somewhat subjective. Different people may have different definitions of it. Because of this, defining or criticizing the paper’s overall quality is not the customer’s exclusive prerogative, nor can the paper be flagged as of low quality based solely on the customer’s shrewd judgment. In case a customer objects to the quality of the paper, the objected paper will be delivered to our quality assurance department, where our experts will impartially and fairly determine the paper’s overall quality. No refund will be given if the writer and quality assurance department approve and justify the quality.

Urgent Order Requests

If a customer visits and orders an urgent sample solution where the deadline is not enough to complete the order, the company would not hold any responsibility for the quality of the final paper. EssayPandas never commits to providing high-quality papers/solutions on a short deadline. Papers submitted in a rush may or may not have human errors in them, which is why the company doesn’t promise any kind of refunds in these situations. If a customer finds quality issues or missing instructions in urgent orders, he/she would not be entitled to ask for a refund.

Partial Refund Situations

Here are some situations in which the customer is entitled to ask for a partial refund:

Order Cancellations

If a customer requests a cancellation after one of our writers has been assigned with work, they will only be entitled to half (50%) of the order fee. The customer would receive half of the whole payment, and the other half would be paid to the writer as their service fee.

A 25% refund of the entire money paid will be given in this case if the customer requests a cancellation after the deadline for the order has already passed by half or more, and our writer has begun working on the project/paper. The writers and subject experts collaborating on the order would receive the rest of the amount in the form of remuneration.

Quality Claims

EssayPandas has hundreds of writers and subject experts on board. The main mission of the company is to provide high-quality solutions that can work as a guide for customers who have paid for them. Now, in case a customer objects to the quality of the paper and asks for a refund, the company would not take their word for it; instead, the paper would be rechecked by the quality assurance department. If the QA department seconds to the complaint of the customer, he/she would be entitled to get a 25% refund from the total order fee.

Failing to Revise

Although EssayPandas has a clear revision policy, customers are entitled to get up to a 25% refund of the entire order fee if the company is unable to get a writer or editor to revise your paper. This can be due to unavoidable circumstances that are out of the hands of the company.

Plagiarism Claims offers unique sample solutions to customers. Our writers make sure that the content delivered is research-based and free of plagiarism. However, plagiarism in papers can sometimes occur unintentionally. If a customer claims that our delivered solutions are duplicate/plagiarized, he/she is bound to attach a Turnitin report showing more than 15% of plagiarism in it. In case the said amount of plagiarism is found, the customer can ask for a 25% refund.

Full Refund Situations

In particular situations, customers can request a complete refund. However, note that order processing charges would not be included in the amount of the refund.

Writer Yet Not Assigned

In case a customer has requested a refund where the company has not yet assigned the paper to one of its writers, the customer can ask for a full refund.

Order Placed Twice

If a customer unintentionally orders the same order twice, they are allowed to request a full refund.


The customer would receive credit in their account wallet in the form of refund fees, whether whole or partial. Real-time cash refunds and reverse cash transfers to the client are not offered by our business nor the company would respond to any such requests.

The refunded credits may be used to place additional orders in the future.

What Is the Official Process for Submitting a Request for a Refund?

  1. First, customers should be aware that refund requests will only be considered if they are submitted within seven days following the paper’s delivery. No refund requests will be considered beyond seven days, regardless of any circumstance. You can ask for a refund by getting in touch with customer service. The other method is to sign in to your individual account and submit a dispute via the user dashboard. According to the policy, the firm will only provide free revisions once seven days have elapsed.

  2. When receives a refund request, it is only the team’s responsibility and right to analyze and validate the application. The team would look into the situation and determine how much money would be repaid if the request was legitimate. The procedure may take a minimum of three working days to complete or sometimes even more.

  3. Any further information that helps our support team determine if the customer’s refund request is legitimate may be requested. If a customer doesn’t provide the team with the additional information requested, the refund request will be deemed illegitimate.

How Long Does It Take to Process Refund Requests?

Delivering the funds may take an additional three to five working days after the client has confirmed the legality of his or her refund request and the precise amount to be paid back has been decided by our team.

Revision Policy

EssayPandas is a professional academic writing platform that strives to ensure that the rights of its valued customers are protected. We have devised a very customer friendly revision policy that reiterates maximum client facilitation.

Through this revision policy, we make sure that every one of our clients gets value for money. We offer three free of cost revisions to all our customers within thirty days of delivery of paper (Ninety days for Dissertation only).

When a Customer Can Avail Free Revision Facility?

Requirements neglected

After the delivery of the final paper, if you find that any or all of your initial requirements are neglected in the paper, you can ask for a free revision straight away.

Missed guidelines

If you believe that your guidelines were not properly followed or missed altogether and not reflected in the final paper, you can ask for a free revision without any delay.

Plagiarized content

In case, if you find plagiarized or copied content in your paper, you can ask for a free revision without any hesitation.

Grammar and spelling mistakes

If your finally delivered paper contains various grammatical, spelling, or factual errors, you can ask for a free revision.

When a Revision Request Will be Considered Valid?

Although we have shaped up a revision policy that is meant to facilitate our customers to the maximum possible extent, yet there are certain conditions and qualifications that allow us to calibrate a fair revision policy that doesn’t harm the rights of any party concerned. Here below we will discuss all those conditions that render your revision request to be valid or invalid.

  • First of all, the formal revision request must be made through the proper channel within 30 days of the delivery of the final paper and within 90 days for the Dissertation only. If the revision request is made after this grace period has already passed by, this will not be entertained under the umbrella of your free revision facility instead, this will be considered as a new order which will have to be paid for.

  • Customers can demand a free revision only if the final paper formation conflicts with your initial requirements and guidelines that you explicitly mentioned while filling the order form. If all of your instructions and guidelines are duly implemented in the paper and you need some additional alterations, these changes will be charged according to the standard rates.

  • In a case where the customer is placing the revision request on the grievance of plagiarized or copied content, it is essential to back your claim with the Turnitin report and to establish your grievance. If the writer has exceeded the standard allowed limit in your paper, only then you can ask for a free revision.

  • In a case where mistakes are caused due to the data provided by the customer to be included in the paper, this will not be considered the liability of our writer at all. This is the responsibility of the customer to properly check and ascertain the authenticity of the data and provide us with data that is free from errors and mistakes of any kind.

Proper Way to Avail Free Revision Facility.

As we mentioned earlier, a revision request must be filed through the proper channel. Oral and verbal requests have a fair chance of omission so make sure that you file your revision request through the proper channel, which is given below.

User Account → Dashboard → order Details → Add Comment

If the Issue is Not Resolved Yet?

In a case where a customer files his revision request through the proper channel as mentioned above and still his revision request is not entertained, he can open a new dispute to reiterate the issue. The way to open a dispute is given below.

User Account → Dashboard → Disputes → New Dispute → Select Order

EssayPandas is always determined to bring its clients the best tutoring and mentoring facilities at affordable prices. As a professional company, we care to protect the rights of all parties concerned in the process. We take these policies as a legal binding upon us and expect the same level of compliance from our respected customers as well to promote a healthy working relationship.

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