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Privacy Policy

Here is the privacy policy for EssayPandas, and all the points of this privacy policy will be applied to all of our current and new users. We have the authority to change our privacy policy and any moment, and we will make sure to let our customers know when we change the policy. However, some of the critical points of our policy will remain the same.

Before you place your order on our website, we suggest you read our privacy policy carefully. When you place your order on our website, it means that you have read our privacy policy, and you agreed to all of its terms and conditions. If we change our privacy policy, we will make sure to send you an email at your given email address. All the new customers are suggested to read the privacy policy in order to understand how we work.

It is 100% certain that you will get a high quality and plagiarism free version of your order from our website. All of our writers work with 100% passion and commitment, and if you think that there is any kind of issue with our delivered work, you can request a revision, keeping in mind our privacy policy.

All of our delivered work will remain the property of our website, and a student can only use those papers and essays for their research purposes. We are here to increase the knowledge of our students, and we want them to get the maximum amount of information from our website, but the students are not allowed to present our delivered paper and work as their own in their colleges and Universities.

Here Is How We Deal With The Information You Provide Us At The Time Of Placing Your Order

At EssayPandas, we give our 100% to make sure that the personal data of our clients remain confidential and Secure. Personal details of a customer won't be shared with the third party even we don't share the personal information of our customers with our own writers.

Prudently Administered

We are always very conscious of the privacy and confidentiality of our customers, and this is the reason we don't share the personal details of our customers with anybody in the world. Your personal information will never be available on our website, and we will never share your personal details, even with our writers. The information you gave at the time of your order can only be used for verification purposes, and we recommend our customers not to share their personal details with writers when they are in contact with them.

Utilized for legal operations

We have a very active database, and whenever a customer lands on our website, we know whether it's a new customer or a repeated customer. The customers who land on our website for the very first time need to create an account on our website to place their orders. Only you will be able to login into your account because you have the username as well as the password for your unique account. We provide online custom writing help, and if we come to know that you are not allowed to take online custom writing help, we will take some legal actions against you.

Entered Data Must be Accurate

All the customers are required to provide us the correct information. Enemies leading information can decrease the quality of your order, and we can take some legal action against you if we come to know that you have given us false information.

The quality of your order depends mainly on the instructions you provide at the time of order, which is why you should give us the right information as well as an accurate deadline. On the basis of your order form, we will start touching for a suitable writer for you, and the writer will work on your order before going through your requirement form. The guidelines and the instructions have to be clear enough so the writer can work on your order without any kind of confusion. Moreover, you can remain in contact with your assigned writer as long as your order is in the transit phase.

For notification purposes

When we are done with your order, we will make sure to send you an email address with the downloadable link of your order, and you can also login into your account to download the final version of your order. Once we deliver the final version of your order, you can only request for revisions within 30 days after the complete delivery; if you fail to request for revisions within the course of 30 days, you need to place a new order.

Personal Information

The privacy and confidentiality of our customers matter the most for us, which is why we only ask for very little personal information at the time of order. Don't hesitate to give us your personal information because we won't share your personal details on our website, and we will never share the personal data of our customers with our national writers. We follow the following procedures to secure the personal information of our customers:

  1. If you are not comfortable using your own name, you can use another name at the time of placing your order.

  2. We may need to contact you as long as your order is in the transit phase, which is why you need to give us the right contact information so we can contact you anytime we need it. The contact number, as well as the email address, can who should only be used to reach you. You will also get the final version of your order at your email address, which is why you should provide us your own email address.

  3. When we complete an order, we make sure to send an email address with the downloadable link of the order to our customer. Your final version of the order will also be available on our website portal, and you can download it from there as well.

  4. You will be able to remain in contact with your sign brighter throughout your order process, and if a writer needs to contact you anytime, we will make sure to send you an email address to let you know that the writer is in need of a contract.

  5. We don't share the personal details of our customers with our writers, and we also encourage our customers not to share their personal details with their writers through the online chat portal. If you share your personal detail with your writer, then we will not be responsible for the consequences.

We care a lot about the personal information of our customers, and we don't share their details on our website or with anybody else. In the last 15 years, we have been providing private and confidential custom writing services, and one of the main reasons for this is, we don't allow our writers to get to the personal information of our clients. Customers should not share their personal details with their writers; otherwise, their privacy and confidentiality will be at risk.

Non-disclosure agreement

Most of the customers don't place orders online because they are too worried about the privacy and confidentiality of their payment method. We have an SSL secured website, and we guarantee you that we will only contact your relevant bank for the release of funds for our website. Once you make your payment, your payment method will be encrypted on our website, and we won't save your credit card or debit card details on our website.

Billing and payment information

If you want a hundred percent secure and private service from our website, make sure you place your order from your own computer and make your payment from your personal credit or debit card. If you have placed your order from an Internet Café or from a friend's Wi-Fi, make sure you clear the history before leaving the place. One more thing, never save your password ever on someone else's system.

How Do We Handle The Billing Information?

  1. Your credit card or debit card details would be saved on our website, and you will enjoy a 100% secure and private payment procedure on our website. When you make your payment, we will contact your friend supplier, and the transaction will be made at the same moment.

  2. We don't have any hidden taxes applied on our website, and the final amount you see on your laptop or computer screen is the amount you have to pay to us. If you are living in an area or a country where they apply tax on our services, then you will have to pay the taxes in order to initiate your process according to your country or region's policy. The final cost of your order depends mainly on your mention deadline as well as the location from where you are placing your order.

  3. When you make your payment, we will save the information on our website. You can also see the history of your order with our website from your own account.

  4. All of our current and new customers will enjoy lots of additional benefits and advantages free of cost that includes three free revisions, 100% editing, and proofreading, timely order delivery, etc.

The final receipt of your order will be available on the website after you make your final payment. We will also make sure to send you an email address with the final receipt of your order. If you face any kind of issue throughout your order process or you have any kind of question with your payment, you can contact our customer care support staff, who are always there for your assistance.

Refund Policy

For years we have been helping students with their academic assignments, and have successfully surpassed their hopes. We are here to work on assignments for students in order to help them in gaining the information they need to complete the task. We have completed thousands of research papers, dissertation proposals, and solved numerous questions for them. It is imperative to understand that the material we provide in the documents is our intellectual property, and you don’t have any rights to utilize the paper as it is.

We complete these assignments to assist you in finishing your project and are meant to be used for educational purposes only. We provide all the data a student requires regarding their selected subject so that they can complete their coursework or research papers on their own. If you still have questions, then you can move to our “FAQS” or “How it works” page for precise information on our working procedure.

This page will put light on the various aspects under which you will become eligible to apply for a refund. If you want to learn about how we deal with your private information, you can move to our privacy policy page. To learn about our rules or regulations, you can visit the terms & conditions page.

If You Fall In One Of The Two Categories Given Below, You Will Qualify To Get A Full Refund

  1. If there was a technical error on our site, and we are unable to deliver the paper, you can submit a request for a refund. We can take extra hours to complete your writing, as the term “estimated delivery date” is used for this very purpose on order placing page.

  2. If we have completed your work, but again due to technical issues, you are unable to download the file, either from the link sent to your email or from our website portal, then you will be able to get a complete reimbursement.

No Refunds Will Be Made Under These Conditions

  1. If the writer has completed your paper and has provided the final document after the deadline.

  2. If you have earned money from our loyalty program, you can only use it to reduce the price of your next order. You cannot ask for a payout, or submit a refund request for that amount.

  3. If you have placed the same order twice or have uploaded an extra amount, and you didn’t contact the support team right away, then you will not receive any refund, so please be very careful and stay attentive while placing an order.

You Will Receive Partial Refunds Under The Following Conditions

  1. We provide different services for academic writings if you place an order for answering questions in the “questions solution” category, and the writer fails to answer all the queries, you will qualify for a refund.

  2. If you have some issues with the writer, it is essential to talk it out or contact support immediately before getting further involved in the matter. If half of your specified deadline has passed and you are still facing problems with the writer, then you can ask for a refund, and our verification team will look into the matter.

  3. & if you are not facing any issues and half the time specified in your deadline has not passed, you can still submit a request for reimbursement, in which case the confirmation department will decide the percentage.

  4. If you place a request to use one of the three free revisions, and by chance, we do not have a writer who can fulfill your request, then depending on the frequency of issue, you will be able to get a refund of up to fifty percent.

A Few Important Points

- While placing an order, it is imperative to fill the form with valid information. Also, if you don’t add guidelines in the instructions section, then it may add more time to your selected deadline. To prevent that from happening, make sure you have added sufficient information.

- If you forgot to upload a file on the order page, then not to worry, you can share it in the comments section, located in your dashboard. But remember, the information you provide us with will be copied and pasted into your desired section and won’t be checked for errors, so be very careful.

- The completed version of the paper we deliver will always remain our academic property, and you have no right to count it in your possessions.

- If you find plagiarism in the provided text, then submit a request for a refund with proof in three days after the delivery. You will need to attach a Turnitin report with the subject, and we will not accept any statements provided by other websites.

Eligibility Criterion For Custom Papers

We prioritize quality over quantity and therefore supply with paper that does not contain any structural or syntax errors. We make sure to fix spellings or grammatical mistakes before delivering it to the client. Moreover, there is a limit of plagiarism specified by different institutions, so we make sure not to cross the threshold. There are two different actions for these circumstances:

  1. The document contains misleading information

  2. Contains plagiarism that exceeds the limit set by your institution

  3. The writer did not follow your guidelines, or the material includes errors that you cannot fix

The Two Decisions You Can Take Are

- Submit a request for a refund, the percentage of which will be decided by our verification team, after going through the severity of the errors. “Note” to submit this request; you need to get back to us in three days after the delivery or we will not accept any reimbursement application after that period.

- Submit a request for revision and use one of your three free revisions. You can apply for a review if any of the above-given problems are part of the paper we delivered. The validity of revisions is thirty days after the delivery, so go through the document in this specified time because if this phase has passed, we will treat your request as a new order. In addition, you will have to upload the evaluated fee as well.

After You Have Received A Full Or Partial Refund

You will not be able to use any part of the supplied paper, because we will make the document go public on the internet and the plagiarism detecting software used by your institution will find copied material in your text.

You are giving all the rights back to EssayPandas, and we will declare its proprietorship over the internet. The paper will receive all the copyrights, intellectual/academic privileges, and you will not be able to use any text contained in the file for submitting purposes. The paper is only for educational purposes, and must not be used for commercial motives.

Revision Policy

EssayPandas is a professional academic writing platform that strives to ensure that the rights of its valued customers are protected. We have devised a very customer friendly revision policy that reiterates maximum client facilitation.

Through this revision policy, we make sure that every one of our clients gets value for money. We offer three free of cost revisions to all our customers within thirty days of delivery of paper (Ninety days for Dissertation only).

When a Customer Can Avail Free Revision Facility?

Requirements neglected

After the delivery of the final paper, if you find that any or all of your initial requirements are neglected in the paper, you can ask for a free revision straight away.

Missed guidelines

If you believe that your guidelines were not properly followed or missed altogether and not reflected in the final paper, you can ask for a free revision without any delay.

Plagiarized content

In case, if you find plagiarized or copied content in your paper, you can ask for a free revision without any hesitation.

Grammar and spelling mistakes

If your finally delivered paper contains various grammatical, spelling, or factual errors, you can ask for a free revision.

When a Revision Request Will be Considered Valid?

Although we have shaped up a revision policy that is meant to facilitate our customers to the maximum possible extent, yet there are certain conditions and qualifications that allow us to calibrate a fair revision policy that doesn’t harm the rights of any party concerned. Here below we will discuss all those conditions that render your revision request to be valid or invalid.

  • First of all, the formal revision request must be made through the proper channel within 30 days of the delivery of the final paper and within 90 days for the Dissertation only. If the revision request is made after this grace period has already passed by, this will not be entertained under the umbrella of your free revision facility instead, this will be considered as a new order which will have to be paid for.

  • Customers can demand a free revision only if the final paper formation conflicts with your initial requirements and guidelines that you explicitly mentioned while filling the order form. If all of your instructions and guidelines are duly implemented in the paper and you need some additional alterations, these changes will be charged according to the standard rates.

  • In a case where the customer is placing the revision request on the grievance of plagiarized or copied content, it is essential to back your claim with the Turnitin report and to establish your grievance. If the writer has exceeded the standard allowed limit in your paper, only then you can ask for a free revision.

  • In a case where mistakes are caused due to the data provided by the customer to be included in the paper, this will not be considered the liability of our writer at all. This is the responsibility of the customer to properly check and ascertain the authenticity of the data and provide us with data that is free from errors and mistakes of any kind.

Proper Way to Avail Free Revision Facility.

As we mentioned earlier, a revision request must be filed through the proper channel. Oral and verbal requests have a fair chance of omission so make sure that you file your revision request through the proper channel, which is given below.

User Account → Dashboard → order Details → Add Comment

If the Issue is Not Resolved Yet?

In a case where a customer files his revision request through the proper channel as mentioned above and still his revision request is not entertained, he can open a new dispute to reiterate the issue. The way to open a dispute is given below.

User Account → Dashboard → Disputes → New Dispute → Select Order

EssayPandas is always determined to bring its clients the best tutoring and mentoring facilities at affordable prices. As a professional company, we care to protect the rights of all parties concerned in the process. We take these policies as a legal binding upon us and expect the same level of compliance from our respected customers as well to promote a healthy working relationship.

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