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Term of Use

EssayPandas is a customer friendly custom writing website. Make sure you read the contents of our term of use before placing your order.


“Terms & Conditions of EssayPandas”

It is imperative to go through the contents of this page if you are going to visit the website, it will also mean that you agree with all the terms & conditions mentioned on this section of the site, along with the other states that are part of the privacy policy page. When you open the link of our website or use it in any way, then all the mentioned terms & conditions will become effective immediately.

The mentioned terms & conditions on this page are applied to all the current users. They will be put into effect right after a new user gives our site a visit or anyone who utilizes our link for referral or sharing purposes. If you do not accept our terms & conditions or privacy policy, then you are not authorized to use the link for referring, visiting, sharing, or for placing an order to buy our writing services.

The expressions (“Client,” “You,” and “Visitor”) used on this page are for the people who are using the link for different motives. When you land on our website, you will be prompted to accept our privacy policy and terms & conditions. If you are not willing to get bound by these conditions, then you should not use our link in any way.


If you are going to use the services of the website, then it is essential to provide authentic and valid information in all the sections of the order form, or wherever required. If you are not adding correct details, then you might not pass the validation phase, in which case you won’t be able to place an order. The eligibility conditions to utilize our services are shared below:

Age Obligation

If you are not eighteen (18) years old yet, then you are not allowed to use or access the website! You will need to be at least eighteen years of age and have to be allowed to get in agreement with lawful affairs legally.

Valid Details

All the information you add on our website, during the signup or placing an order process, has to be accurate. The information such as phone number and email has to be correct; else, we will not be able to verify it, which means your order will be canceled if a happening similar to this takes place.

Additionally, we may remove your profile, erase all your data stored on our servers, and prevent you from using our services in the future, with or without providing any reason or report to the user. So, make sure to add verifiable details to let us confirm the order is not being placed by someone who is pretending to be you or someone who is using a stolen card to make a payment for the order.

Account Utilization has been providing writing services to students across the globe and will keep assisting students for years to come. Which is why it is essential not to use our services for business motives. We have been selling our services to students for personal use only, and the paper we provide you with must not be used for trading purposes.

If you are not allowed by any law firm to take assistance from online writing services, then you are not authorized to use our websites. Additionally, you cannot create more than one account, and if you do, then we will not only remove all the created profiles, but you will also face penalties depending on the degree of your misconduct.

If we have deactivated or removed your account, then you will need to contact our support to assist you with the procedure of activating it. If you do not contact us, then all your progress, along with the rewards that you have received through our loyalty program, will be lost.

Order Placement

The process of placing an order includes filling some information in the forms that are part of our website. You will need to add precise details; otherwise, it will become difficult for us to allocate a correct writer for the job. Once you have successfully added all the pieces regarding your subject and topic, make sure you don’t make any mistakes in the instructions section.

If you don’t add proper guidelines, then it can become a little difficult for the writer to work on your assignment conveniently, especially if it is too complicated. So, adding more directives, or ways to cover the information, will be a big plus, and the writer will be able to complete your task efficiently. This also means that we will be able to deliver you the final version of the paper, quite sooner than the estimated deadline. If you are not adding precise details, or are adding misleading content then:

  • We may remove your account or reject your submitted request because you did not provide us with enough information or if you did, and it contains deceptive details.
  • If the added data is not related to your subject or topic you have submitted a request for, then our writers can take some extra time to complete these orders. With correct details and directives, it becomes easy for our writers to manage the tasks, and arrange information in the right formatting style.
  • If you want us to make a change in the written paper, then it is not possible, which is why we strongly recommend to carefully reread your added details before proceeding with the order request because once the writer has completed his/her job, we will deliver the file. However, you can submit an application for a free revision in case the paper does not follow your instructions precisely.

If the paper we provide contains misleading details, is filled with duplicate content, or contains plagiarism. You will qualify to get a percentage of the refund, which will depend on the number of errors made in the essay.

If you have added wrong information in the account creation stage, then correct it as soon as possible before we begin our verification process, because later your account might get removed due to the violation of terms & conditions.


Without paying the fee that is calculated on the order page, you will not be able to acquire our writing services. It is essential to make the payment to proceed with the order. The following points will elaborate on how our payment procedure works and what actions we can take if you do not pay the specified amount.

  • The price that our online system evaluates after going through your requirements does not include any extra fee or hidden charges. We do not deduct any amount on behalf of taxing authorities, and we will only subtract the amount that is specified on the order page.
  • You will be paying the tax or duties associated with the charges, and the percentage of the deduction will depend on your location. Additionally, you will have to sign a contract that clearly states that you will be paying the charges that will be added to the amount by taxing authorities in your region.
  • If in case you contact your payment supplier and ask them to stop or decline any release of funds without any reason, then this means you are not respecting the terms mentioned on this page and are infringing conditions that are part of the agreement. Your account will immediately be deactivated, and you will have to communicate with our support team for justification.
  • Making a payment through a stolen credit card is not only a crime, but also it will put you in a problematic situation. When any legal firms reach us with any such information, we will share your details to assist them in preventing such crimes from happening in the future. can make changes to this section of the website whenever required without notifying, which is why you will need to check this segment for updates regularly. If there are any critical updates, then for sure, you will be notified through email and by desktop notifications if enabled.

All the changes that will be made on this page or in this area will become effective immediately.

In case you are requesting a refund, it means:

  • You are giving all the copyrights and intellectual rights back to
  • will share the paper on the internet and spread the news that this particular essay was written by us, and will declare authorship.

The primary purpose of taking this action will assist us in learning how much of the written work was put to use. It will also mean that you will no longer be able to submit the paper in your institution. If you do, then your instructor will quickly find out about the plagiaristic material, and you will have to face the penalties set by your professor or institute.

Loyalty Program allows its users to earn a small percentage of the amount on every order they place. Additionally, our new users are gifted with a 5$ bonus, which they can put to use the next time they place an order.

A small percentage of which will be added to this amount each time a client submits a request for acquiring our services. A user can utilize twenty-five percent of the total amount earned through a loyalty program every time they place an order, which means you will always get a discount, without making a request for it.

All the money that is added to your balance, which is earned from our loyalty program, is not refundable, and you cannot cash out. This balance can only be used to decrease the overall cost of your order. This amount will never expire and will always remain in your account no matter how long you haven’t used it.

Revisions Policy

We give three free revisions to our new and old users for every order they place. Clients will have to use these in thirty days after the completed paper has been delivered. If in case a user does not go through the contents of the file in thirty days after the delivery, then you will not be able to submit a request for revision in case you find any errors that need to be corrected.

  • We will only accept your revision application if the paper contains any one of the two below given errors:
  • The document is filled with plagiarism or exceeds the percentage that is set by your institute.
  • If the paper is not according to your added instructions, or if you shared any information for integration, but was not used.

If the revision period expires, then your request will be taken as a new order, and you will have to pay the charges which will be calculated when you submit an application! Additionally, if you want us to add some extra information in the paper, then again you will have to submit a new request because it will be treated as a new order. If you forgot to mention or share any information on the order placing page, then you will have to put a separate order for that.


There are several factors involved in this section, and we might ask you to supply us with proof of identity. We might ask you to upload your image, and the snap of your identification card to make sure it is you and not someone else posing as an imposter. Additionally, we can take legal actions to find information about you, in case you provide us with wrong or fake details.

The procedure for verification is simple, and can be read in the steps given below:

  • We may contact you on the provided phone number to confirm your identity.
  • We may ask you to upload files that can substantiate your identity.
  • We may acquire information from various websites to learn about you.
  • If you have used any illegal actions like, have used a stolen card on which the payment was blocked, or legal firms contact us, then we will provide them with all the information they need.

If we are unable to validate your information or you fail to prove your identity, then your submitted request for acquiring our writing services will be denied. In case you cancel the verification process, then you will have to begin with the procedure all over again. We also use that information in the future to contact you for providing updates on your order.

Limitations of liability will not take responsibility for any outcomes that are a result of:

  • Presenting the paper in the same structure as we provided.
  • Achieving a lower final grade because instead of learning from the shared knowledge, you chose to submit the article as it is to the institution.

All the material that is provided by is for educational purposes, and to help you complete your assignments before the deadline timer runs out. You can take the assistance of any kind related to your subject, but the paper we provide will always remain our intellectual property. The information shared in the documents must be used for the purpose of learning and not for any submission motives.


The papers we complete and deliver to our clients are the intellectual property of and are a division of our copyrights. We give the article all the rights applicable and governed by international laws.

These papers are not for commercial purposes and should be used to gather information about the topic or the subject. The copies of the delivered files must not be shared or sold or used for commercial purposes or treated as your piece of work. You will need our written consent if you wish to share or pass the delivered document.


We share the reviews of our clients in the review section of These testimonials only include the first name of the user, and as part of these terms & conditions, you permit us to use your personal data such as your first name or initials to add feedback on our site.

Additionally, the name you select to display can be put to use, and your review is what matters the most. We assure you that posting a testimonial under your name will not have any negative impact on your confidentiality, and you can even ask us to erase the review at any time.

Announcement of Changes In Terms & Conditions can bring a change in the content of this section of the website without notifying its current users. The major points, however, will remain the same, and if there are changes that can affect the performance, and information that we think is of vital importance and needs to be shared with the users, then we will publish those changes on our site, and send mails as well.

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