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How To Write A Good Essay? Complete Guide

Publish on 06 Dec 2021

A good essay consists of a lot of parts and may have multiple ways to start an essay. There is grammar, sentence structure, thesis statement, punctuation, and formatting. It can seem like a difficult task to remember many parts of the essay but it is not that much hard as you think. You go-ahead to write your paper and keep in mind that your turn will blow your teacher's mind and you will get high grades in exams. We will provide you all the necessary material that is needed in writing a good essay, and you can learn and easily understand.

First of all, before going in details of how to start an essay, look at the different types of essays and get to know them that are helpful in your essay writing.

Types Of Essay Writing

There are many types of essays but some are explained here:  

  1. Augmentative essay
    This type of essay defines the arguments to the reader and provides the evidence. And explained why you agree with your actions.
  2. Research essay
    In this type, we go in-depth about the topics by using academics facts, data, and sources. It is similar to some extent to an expository essay.
  3. Expository essay
    In this, we will describe the real image of a stance, without taking its particular action. We supposed the audience who does not know anything on that topic and we provide them exacts data and figures.
  4. Contrast essay
    We take two things or cases and analyze them to check the similarities and differences in them.
  5. Reflective essay
    This type of essay is not follow the rules of essay formatting, in this type we discuss the person's views, experiences, and arguments on some topics and circumstances and reflect your own thoughts on that specific things.
  6. Literature review
    This describes the literature review and about the research work that already has been done by someone on a particular topic.
  7. Book review
    This type includes critical analyses of a book or literature for assessment and summary purposes.

When you clear all the aspects of an essay and types of essay writing then move on towards your work. To start an essay is a difficult task; it’s the point where many students sit down, get stress, and stare at the blank paper and do not know the point where to begin. So, do not get worried and move on to plan on your interested topic to decide a topic for how to write a good essay.

Before starting an essay, you clearly knew which type of essay you will go to write. This will help you in choose your right topic, for example, if you are going to write an assignment on argumentative essay you will have opinions on your topic and can argue with other individuals through strong evidence and arguments. If you select a research essay, you have complete research data and you have searched a lot on that topic to go in-depth to know every little detail on that.

Always choose a wisely topic, through your topic peoples get interested and wants to know more about your topic and leaves a good impression on their mind. As it is proofed from a well-known proverb “the first impression is the last impression”. Chose a topic on which you have a lot of information and write everything precisely and leaves excellent remarks. It’s become a headache when you are given that topic in which you didn’t have any interest.  If you have no idea how to write a good essay, this blog is everything you need to read sooner than later.

Write on a broad topic later narrow down it is with strong evidence and justification. The essay includes generic information in it and makes a point on which your research is based if you could not do that then you will lose your grade and scores in exams. The thesis statement is most important in writing an effective essay. This statement provides the insight of your whole paper and the reader chose through your thesis statement either he/she may go toward your further essay to read completely or leave at that point.

The thesis statement is generally the answer to the research question. Thinks about your research question on which your research-based and gives its answer in one sentence, and narrow down your topic through refining your thesis statement. The thesis statement provides an outline of the paper and that defines how you are going to organize an argument to make strong your research. After the thesis statement, you know about your essay outline and essay structure. following all these instructions very precisely can be a good way to start an essay.

How To Write An Essay Outline?

When we talk about a good way to start an essay, it is mandatory to talk about the essay outline. An essay outline can be defined as the main points on which you organize your paragraphs and essay. And a short plan on which we structured our essay and you don’t remember any related thing about essay while writing and covers all points accurately so the real picture of essay emerges as a shining star and blows professor mind. And it is also helpful in generating a high score.

Write An Essay Outline
Essay Writing Outline

Benefits Of An Essay Outline

  • Through essay outline, it helps organize the thoughts that are impossible to remember while writing
  • Make easy to produce flow in writing, and plays a vital role in essay structures provide a manuscript though you didn’t remember anything

Parts Of An Essay

Your essay will have the following parts: Learn how to start an essay

  1. Introduction
    In the introduction, you will provide the general details about the topic, and defines all constraints, factors, and issues that are concerned with the topics. Then provide all their best solutions and will also provide the thesis statement that gives the answer to your research question and also support your topic.
  2. Body paragraph
    The body paragraph consists of only 4-5 paragraphs. In each paragraph, explain a point, provide all related information by the topic. Describe all facts, data, methodology, and whole procedure in body paragraphs.
  3. Conclusion
    Enclose your entire essay in this section. Support the thesis statement and summarize the results, goals related to the essay topic in this section.

Format of essay

Most essays follow the standard format rules for the introduction and body paragraphs, Basic outlines are described below:

For introduction

  • The first sentence should be attention-grabbing or should be catchy
  • Topic and introduction provides basic information about the topic which you are writing
  • The last line of the introduction should be a thesis statement
  • These basic points are told whenever anyone asks you how to write an essay introduction?

For body paragraphs

  • Describe each point in each paragraph with full intentions and justification.
  • The paragraph should be started from the topic point and define what is going to uncover
  • Use strong arguments and evidence to support that point
  • Also, use a transition sentence that concludes previous paragraphs and leads towards the next paragraphs

For conclusion

  • Summarize the results
  • Generate further questions based on your research topic
  • Restate your thesis statement

Each essay has a different type of format. Such as in the argumentative essay, we add a paragraph in which we define the objections, showcase, and elaborate the arguments for the opposition and opinions. Add this paragraph before the conclusion.

Importance Of Essay Format

Writing an essay is basically a creative skill that requires extensive information as there are several ways to start an essay and writing an essay enhances the way of thinking. Essay writing also helps you out in polishing your oral, writing, and speaking skills. If you are facing any difficulty and do not want to write an essay you can also move toward the helpers and get them to help in your essay writing. Writing skills is very necessary for the future because it is helpful for synopsis, thesis writing, research papers, course work, and many more. Things like these have to be at your fingertips if you want to know how to write a good essay.

This explores the writing skills of the students and students complete their assignments, homework, thesis write up timely through their writing speed this can only get through practicing by essay writing. Citation and references also have great importance in essay writing. You could not start to write an effective essay even though you didn’t learn about the techniques used in essay writing.

Plagiarism is a serious matter writing in academics. If anyone not able to write citations and references in essays he /she will fail and decrease their reputation in academics.

Importance Of Essay Structure

Another most important thing to remember before starting an essay is its structure; otherwise, there is no fixed format for essay writing. Design ideas in an essay in those ways readers will not be confused from your text and move next to next to make attraction with your work. Think about it, when you put random ideas that you design for your essay, how would your essay look like? Furthermore, essay structure provides the goals of your essay to the readers and describes all your outline points one by one in your essay to provide a sequence.  

The essay structure contains main questions based on what, how, and why. In a good essay, you have to include experience, imagination, observation, and experimentation. These questions usually come after the introduction; the student gives more emphasis on this part of the essay because the essay carries most of the detail in this section. In this part, you present all arguments and counterarguments according to your topic.

The question “what” defines it shortly, it also provides the points later on those points you have to discuss in detail. The question “how” describes the reader's understanding and development of the structure of the essay. From this point of view, many questions generate in the reader's mind and you have to write the answers to all these questions and excellently give them. The question “why” is to resolve all your issues and do write in your essay, without this section essay is considered pointless.

Importance Of Essay Structure
Essay Writing Structure

There are many reasons for students, do not get a high score because they are concerned more about essay formatting and styles rather than give more attention to essay structure that contains major importance in essay writing and leading towards you in high ranks. Poorly written papers are difficult to understand for readers and they might be confused due to irregular written text and no distinguishing point between start and end. If you want to get high grades in your exams, so we focus on your essay structure rather than another thing else.

Basics Of Essay Writing

There are five main components on which essay writing is based.

  1. Select of a topic
    It’s not all the time to assign you a topic for essay writing; somehow you have selected your own topic for this you have to select a topic on which you have cleared about all the related points on which you write every expected detail. Once you selected your topic, brainstorm on it and make all points that fit in your essay and not add that points that are not related to your topic. After writing many topics on a piece of paper and their relevant points chose the best one for you.
  2. Organize ideas and make an outline
    You have to clear on all the points on which you are going to write an essay. This method helps you out to write better, not get frustrated from your essay format once you write your essay you have to change your essay format according to your essay type.
  3. Thesis statement
    After choosing your interested topic and outline, it’s time to write a thesis statement. A good thesis statement consists of concise, clear, and takes a strong position on your topic. Once you write your thesis statement you will be able how to write an essay. Introduction.
  4. Introduction
    It is the first paragraph in the essay, Make your introduction more interesting and captive though it captures the reader’s intentions. Sate clear the points in your introductory paragraph and conclude your introduction through write a thesis statement. The introduction describes the ideas that you are going to discuss in your essay.
  5. Body
    In the body, you have presented all arguments, explanations, and describe the topic you have chosen. If you have four main points in your outline and you will be writing four paragraphs in your essay.
  6. Conclusion
    You summarize your entire essay and conclude a statement on that. You restate your thesis statement in this section. The last line is written in a way, you have concluded your entire essay and it’s about the end of the essay.

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