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How To Write A Thesis Statement? Step By Step

Publish on 06 Dec 2021

What Is A Thesis statement?

The thesis statement mainly defines the main idea of an essay or research paper. A good thesis statement also states the purpose of a research and directly answers the questions that emerge from the main topic. It offers a central point and main idea. The thesis statement has two types, direct and indirect. For example, “I love turkey for three reasons”. Here I love turkey is the main topic and thesis statement. In the previous sentence, I love turkey is a direct thesis statement and three reasons are indirect. A thesis statement is literal soul of your essay writing and academic dissertation writing as well. 

Types of thesis statement

There are three main types of thesis statement, which are described below:  

  1. Explanatory thesis statement
    Explanatory thesis statement is also called an expository statement. This type only covers the factual information, states concisely the main topic and claims. It doesn’t allow the researcher to add his opinion and make strong the evidence. For example, a healthy lifestyle depends upon a healthy diet, adequate sleep and regular exercise.
  2. Argumentative thesis statement
    In this type of thesis statement, the writer/author describes the topic or subject by taking his own position. This statement also offers to discuss the examples to convince the reader, gives the deeper context of a literature and support the writer’s view of judgement. For example, fast food is injurious to your health, this statement is debateable and writer can give his opinion to support this evidence.
  3. Analytical thesis statement
    This type breakdown the idea and topic about concerned issues on its different parts. And evaluates the appropriate topic and defines it in an organized way after an analysis that’s why reader can easily understand the analyses procedure. It is clear through an example that student has positive vibe to their school work and give more attention to their school work.

Main aim of thesis statement

  • A thesis statement should provide the guide to reader about purpose, scope and orientation that have key importance in the essay and paper
  • Summarizes all the conclusions that are related with the main topic
  • Thesis statement mainly present at the end of introduction paragraph
  • Act as an backbone in paper and essay
  • Through this statement, one can easily learn about the focus of a topic or paper
  • Gives clear and concise signals to the readers about paper

How to write a good thesis statement?

A good thesis statement requires full time, potential energy and careful thoughts about the related topic. It discovers all the set-outs and flows naturally about the research topic. It’s more challenging for a writer to decide a thesis statement. A strong and good thesis statement makes easier for the writer to write the paper and for reader to reads whole essay or paper more attentively. explore further to know how can this thesis statement be improved?

How to write a good thesis statement step by step?

  1. Step 1: In first step, you need to focus on that points which you are going to define in your essay. Focus on your main point and brilliantly describes it in a complete sentence. Remember a thesis statement is easy through this equation and also gives a brief idea about how long is a thesis statement.
    Thesis statement = Thesis + evidence of statement
  2. Step 2: Good supporting ideas required to support thesis statement and that are valid or related with the main topics. This helps the writer to make out the structure and essay will be written very well by the writer. Keep in mind that all supporting ideas should be different from each other. Write the thesis statement in a comprehensive paragraph.
  3. Step 3: write down the all main points and supporting ideas in a paragraph that making the skeleton of a thesis statement. In this step, we describe about the detail that related with main topic and expand the ideas that persuade the reader to make a complete thesis statement. Do not use same types of questions, specific terms, answer the questions that were generated through the thesis statement, and make practices to a concerned topic.
Write a good thesis statement
Write A Thesis Statement Step By Step

What is a complete thesis statement?

Basically a complete thesis statement provides the outline of an essay. Steps of an essay writing that are given below to determine the structure:  

  1. Introduction
    In this point, gives two to three sentences that make strong main point through arguments. Introduction consists of following points that would be uncovered.
    Thesis statement  Frame work  Module statement
  2. Body paragraph
    Body paragraphs contain a well-defined idea, and provide evidences and examples. And also write other ideas that are inter-related with main idea. But make sure that do not use same type of ideas it causes loses the attention of reader towards your essay or paper
    Sentence on main topic         discussions with evidence  link up with statement
  3. Conclusion
    Conclusion always is written in a straightforward and systematic way that restates your arguments and makes a concluding statement. This section has following points:
    Summarize arguments   emphasis on thematic frame work

Importance of thesis statement

  • Plays a vital role in making the structure of a paper
  • Helps to organize a research paper or a topic in a way that make easy for anyone to write it up in a better way
  • Helps the writer to remain in touch with main topic
  • Readers easily known about what he is going to read
  • Sets the orientation of the essay
  • Use simple and concise language that clarifies the thesis statement

Guidelines for a thesis statement

Following are some tips that are useful to write a good thesis statement: Read our blog section for further informative articles on academic writing.

  • It must be clear and specific, avoid lengthy notions
  • Thesis statement should be in a statement form and not in a phrase or imperative 
  • Write it as a confidential so it speaks out itself
  • Contains an adequate length, not too much lengthy that is more time consuming and creates hectic in reading the article or essay.
  • Don’t use citations so that wrier not convince the readers and lose the interest of readers
  • Describes how to write thesis statement in a refined way
  • Repetition is not allowed and also consider how long is a thesis statement according to standards
  • Brainstorming yourself before writing the paper
  • Always try to narrow down the broad and general topic by using manageable and clear stated words
  • Describe personnel observation that enhance the information about the topic
Guidelines for a thesis statement
Write A Thesis Statement

Benefits and limitations about thesis statement


  • Focus on arguments and announce the purposes and declared the authors point of view.
  • Describe the scope and control the length of the paper
  • Provide a definite position in an argument
  • Provides central point of a topic or concerned issues and keeps the writer to remain in contact with the main topic
  • Helps out the reader while reading an essay through its simple pattern
Benefits and limitations about thesis
Thesis Statement Benefits


  • starting purpose explore already that enhance the risk of restriction in the paper
  • Not as much powerful as academic or analytical writing
  • Not make a deep sense about the topic, manipulate the opinions and provide shallow arguments
  • Not a standard for a reader to conclude a topic at its very starting phase
  • Overlook the other qualities

What is expository essay?

This essay elaborates the idea and to investigate that idea through a series of analyses and evidence in a concise and clear manner. This type of essay is generally used to evaluate student performance in school and also assigned as a tool for schools. And this is also useable for exams formats. This type of essay includes comparisons and contrast, examples, causes effects and analyses. Example of an expository essay is news articles.

Tips of expository essay writing

Among all other essays expository essay is more systematic makes the student confident in generating new ideas and facts and main focus of this essay on state the arguments in a precise manner. Here are providing some tips on writing an expository essay.  

  • Words should be clearly stated and use simple language
  • Use mostly pronouns
  • Clear cut thesis statement likewise narrative essays
  • Transitions words (however, such as) used, to make paragraphs more smooth and make the essay more flawless.
  • Citations must be added to enhance the validity of sentences
  • Summarize conclusion in extraordinary way that restate the essays arguments
  • Expository essays contains simple topics such as personnel experience, social issues etc
  • Not exceed more than 5 paragraphs
  • Essay lies between 500-800 words

Types of expository essay

Expository essay has five types that are explained below one by one.

  1. Descriptive essay
    In this type, we describe only the someplace, person, and situation. In this, detail discussion is done to explain the topic
  2. Process essay
    It includes the questions answers about related topics on which thesis statement was made. We can add different topics likewise metamorphosis, laboratory experiments. To make this type more attractive, writer take step to define in an understanding way so everyone easily know about every aspect.
  3. Comparison essay
    This type consists of comparisons and contrast between the situations and things. A good writer takes good themes and highlights on their comparisons and contrast for example similarity between two cities. And also writes on their differences.
  4. Cause and effect essay
    This is describes the causes and what are the effects of these causes and provide evidences to make better and strong arguments in the essay. It explains about the relationship between the things and main goal of this type is to find out the things that creating cause and have positive and negative effects on the things, persons and institutions.
  5. Problem and solutions essay
    This type defines about the problems and solutions what efforts are made to resolve that kind of problems. Pros and cons are also described in this type of essay and gives useful solutions.

Expository essay writing

Define thesis statement

Thesis statement makes an essay clearly stated and concise that gives huge benefits to the essay to going into the depth of some object. First of all you have to brainstorming yourself so that you choose best topic about the concerned issue and write the essay in a better manner.

Research the topic

After choosing the topic, research the topic to gain some literature about the topic and makes notes and collect the all possible details in bullets.

Make outline

Outline contains various parts such as:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body paragraphs
  3. Conclusion

To write the essay

To make out the first draft through a logical sequence. While writing the evidence, keep it mind support evidences writing has four ways:

  • Factual
  • Logical
  • Anecdotal statistical

Vanishing unwanted elements from the essay

Refine the work through proofreading and careful view on that. And check out the structure and smoothly sense.  

At the end of essay, if you read out the above article you can easily write about overall all the thesis statement and expository essay by your own. Let’s decide a topic and write on it in a beautiful and in a better way. Thank you.

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